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Article: New Links on the Block


New Links on the Block

If your child loves Goodnight Moon and you love David Lynch's Dune, you'll both love Goodnight Dune. Ten-year-old Gracie Zenz became a street artist after seeing Oscar-nominated Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. Do you know a small person whose science questions are driving you batty? Even if you don't speak French, this little girl's fairy tale will suck you in. Parent Hacks collects parenting tips from the real experts: actual parents. More and more videos of kids rocking out in their car seats to popular rock songs are popping up on YouTube. These New Zealand siblings dig Sleigh Bells and this little boy LOVES Florence and the Machine.

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Click below for Hilarious video of baby getting scared and laughing when mom sneezes


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New Links on the Block

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