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"When fairy tales go to Hollywood, things can get gloomy." (Above: George Clooney in The Gingerbread Man. Click through for more.) New York Review Books has a Children's Collection! Its latest release is Daniel Pinkwater's Lizard Music. Plagued by picky eaters? The secret to more omnivorous children might be in the ingredients (or who adds them)... A four year old answers questions from Reddit readers, such as "Q: Magnets, how do they work? A: They get paper clips to come to you." This past weekend's Celebrity Apprentice pitted the contestants against each other in a children's book making competition. This two-time mom has a bone to pick with first time moms. Does she have a point or a petty grudge? The latest Artist in the Nursery interview at Summer Pierre Headquarters features writer Neal Pollack and artist Regina Allen.

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