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Article: New Links on the Block

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New Links on the Block

A French toy giraffe (Sophie, above) that helps with teething trouble is  making it big in the U.S. Get yours here. Thought Catalog profiles the top five overachieving babies on famous  album covers. The identity of one of the babies has only recently been  revealed. Have an iPad at home? Check out these children's storybook apps. The  Wall Street Journal also suggests some apps for kids. Why do babies go so crazy for ripped paper? Is there an ideal age to become a father? Babble offers ten ways to build your baby's brain power. These eight cases of horrific and embarrassing parenting on  Facebook are classic examples of the awkward parental oversharing  discussed in this New York Post article

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Dan Yaccarino

New Links on the Block

13 Children's Books About Food (including Dan Yaccarino's The Lima Bean Monster above) Double rainbow, Golden Voice Ted Williams, Leave Britney Alone!... Kids react to viral videos. Live in San...

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Rockabye Baby Wins 1st Annual Cribsie Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Rockabye Baby has won the 1st Annual Cribsie Award for Catchiest Kids Tune. A heartfelt thanks to the over 135,000 of you who cast your votes. If you feel compell...

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