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Article: NIN Incoming: Tour Announced!

NIN Incoming: Tour Announced!

Nine Inch Nails had us "Wave Goodbye" during their farewell tour back in 2009, but it seems we all have reason now to "Wave Hello!" and freak the heck out, too. NIN frontman Trent Reznor recently released a statement earlier last week confirming to fans that the previously disbanded industrial rock group has been revamped and is gearing up for an arena tour, set to start up this year and run into early 2014. You can read Trent's full note here. So rest up, NIN adorers! You're going to need it for the circle pits and crowd surfing you'll be doing this fall. We know just what will get you the rest you need too! ;)

Do you have a great NIN memory? Share it with us!

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