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Article: Only in Dreams

daddy in training

Only in Dreams

As a first-time daddy, I am thrilled to be part of many of my daughter's early adventures. Whether it is a memorable diaper change or a nighttime drive on the streets of Los Angeles, the two of us are becoming quite the dynamic duo. And I have and will continue to cherish every moment. But I will not always be able to join Little D on all of her adventures - well, at least the ones I like to believe she is having in her sleep. When D falls into one of her deep slumbers it is a sight to behold. From mischievous smiles to the saddest of frowns, her face is very expressive when she's snoozing. It makes me wonder, "Is she dreaming?" And, if so, what is she dreaming about? D is only eight weeks old. Researchers believe that newborns dream-like expressions are a sign that their brains are developing. If that's true, then our baby will be joining Mensa any day now. Good science aside, I like to think that the music we share with D and her own budding imagination are shaping her dreams. And if I were allowed to sneak a peek into her private slumberland, I imagine one dream might play out like this: D is in a wondrous world where Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (The Police) where she can Learn to Fly (Foo Fighters). She takes off into the night sky, accompanied by her panther-like kitten, Cricket. They see a ship ahead in the clouds and climb aboard. As they Sail to the Moon (Radiohead), Little D and Cricket run around the ship and giggle, playing tricks on the captain. He tells them to behave or he will turn the ship around and they will not have the opportunity to experience Walking on the Moon (The Police)They decide to behave, not because they want to moonwalk - though they giggle about that, too - but because they heard a rumor that somewhere on the Otherside (Red Hot Chili Peppers) of the moon is a fountain of milk. Dream On (Aerosmith), Little D.


I love the images for this post. I am sitting at work missing my daughter very much.


I love these posts. They are so enjoyable. Keep it up.


I always imagine that babies dream of the countless faces they see everyday. Every silly face we make at babies they see floating through their heads and are maybe learning how to recreate…


all great songs for helping your baby dream big. i remember putting my nephew to sleep with all my cocteau twins and dead can dance albums. guess that’s not so rock – but i’d hold him and rock him to sleep with these melodies.


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