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Article: Order Your Rockabye Baby Holiday Cards!


Order Your Rockabye Baby Holiday Cards!

If you find our bear irresistible, we know you'll love these... Introducing our Rockabye Baby Holiday Cards!

What could be more adorable to greet your loved ones this holiday season? We're taking orders now. For only $12.98, you get a box of 12 limited edition holiday cards. This includes 3 different designs (4 of each card) featuring our Rockabye Baby bear (12 cards and envelopes total). They come in a matte black box with a clear lid, tied with a lime-green satin bow. Our Rockabye Bear is itching to see the world this holiday him travel far by sending him off to someone you hold dear.

Order your set of Rockabye Baby's Holiday Cards today!

P.S.: Remember to show your love for us in Red Tricycle's Totally Awesome Awards! Voting ends November 30.

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