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You know about Mother's Day, you know about Father's Day...but did you know this Sunday is Parents' Day? Think of it as a mash-up; a day to celebrate both Mom and Dad and all they do. A happy early Parents Day to all of you proud parents out there!


Some of my favorite memories growing up involve my parents. Like the time my mom rescued me from the bathroom or the time my dad taught me to drive stick shift in his '73 Barracuda when I was 14, while Elton John's "Crocodile Rock" played on repeat. I could go on for days about all of the special moments I've shared with both of them.

What are some of your favorite memories with your parents?

Post your story in the comments below by Wednesday, July 31, 8 pm PST, to enter our random drawing for a Rockabye Baby CD of your choice! We will be selecting three (3) winners. Good luck! Treat yourself to a silent night this Parents' Day with a few lullabies to help your babes drift off to slumber land. 027297969926 027297966529 9675_250x250

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  • My best memory was when we took a family trip to Atlanta and visited Six Flags Over Georgia. A torrential downpour started and we were drenched. We decided to leave since most rides were shut down. My dad said we should take off our shoes and run to the car. So we ran, soaked, barefoot, loudly and poorly singing “Singing in the Rain”.

    Barbie on
  • My favorite memories with my parents are specifically with my dad. He would take me and my sister down into his workshop and show us how to use a drill press, mitre saw, table saw, belt sanders…all the tools of the trade. Later on down the line I would always ‘impress’ boyfriends with my knowledge of all things woodworking. Fast forward to this past weekend and I helped my dad install really cool bench seating in my kitchen—and all because I learned how to use those tools as a little girl. :)

    Leigh S on
  • I will always remember my mom and I giggling uncontrollably on the street in front of their house when she was trying to teach me to drive a stick and I kept popping the clutch. Some of my favorite memories of my dad are him coaching my ball team at school and taking my brother and I and our friends out for Halloween.

    Pam R on
  • I remember my mom playing Fleetwood Mac and Elton John on saturday afternoons while she was cleaning house, all the while my dad had on Van Halen or CCR in the garage while working on his project car, a 57’ Chevy. My favorite memory though was rockin out with my older brother to KISS while mom n dad were still sleeping Sunday morning. He made this awesome cardboard replica of Demon’s Axe-guitar and I would be in my teddy bear night gown playing air guitar to Rock n’ Roll All Night!

    erin hansen on
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