Raging for Lullabies: Calming the Baby in All of Us

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I've been in Los Angeles long enough to understand how the traffic operates, but after being home in the Midwest for the holidays, driving around the empty streets of my hometown, I got a little spoiled. There are exactly two stoplights in the town I grew up in, and the biggest rush of traffic lasts about 7 minutes when folks get off work at 5 p.m. 7 minutes. Not 7 hours. My morning commute on my first day back to work after the holidays entailed more drama than those two stoplights back home probably see in a year. I was cut off too many times, yelled at by too many equally frustrated drivers, and somehow my 40-minute drive was turning into an 80-minute one. I snapped. I honked, I swore, and, yep, I shamelessly flipped the bird, too. I became the spawn of a traffic demon that day. When traffic crept to a standstill on the road, and yet another car tried to slip in front of me-again, while we were at a standstill-I seriously considered putting my car in park and just walking away. Instead, I shuffled through the music on my phone and turned on the only soothing music I had on it (my other options would have definitely fueled the rage, not tamed it) and it was Lullaby Renditions of Queen. And, boy, did it do a number on me. I forced myself to focus on each intricate piece of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and ignore the jerkface behind me who was trying to put his truck on top of my car. And, soon enough, the music calmed me. Since then, I've re-learned to avoid any of the major freeways here during rush hour, and to make sure I have a few of Rockabye Baby's lullaby CDs in close proximity in case any road rage fires up again. Don't get caught in the car without 'em! To calm rages by those big and small, try any of these soothing lullaby renditions below:   

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