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Article: Retro Kids TV: Remember Kidsongs?


Retro Kids TV: Remember Kidsongs?

As I was scanning the web for cool posts, I came upon the website for Kidsongs and almost fell out of my chair. I had totally forgotten about the hours I spent watching Kidsongs; I'm sure I'd seen every episode by the time I outgrew it. Kidsongs is/was a Saturday morning musical TV show where kids sing about whatever they happen to be doing. It's set up like a news show entirely cast by the pre-teen set, with children playing anchors as well as the crew. They head over to some place like a farm or a gym and sing about everything that they encounter there. Being a huge music fan, I was a bit obsessed with this show. Now after stumbling onto their website, I find I can relive my geeky glory days. They not only stream videos of the original broadcasts, but they also sell old Kidsongs gear and offer free downloads. Though Kidsongs was meant for an audience aged ten years and under, I still have some of the songs stuck in my head. What does that say about me? Check out the community tab on the site featuring blogs about the show, trivia, contests, and a "Where are they now" feature, which tracks down some former stars of the show. It's great to see that most of my old favorites are quite successful now, like Tiffany Burton, a choreographer who most recently worked on the hit reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance. You want a taste? I know you do... Here are some classics: Click here for my personal fav, I remember this one frame-by-frame! Or what about Five Little Monkeys? Here are some more fun ones:

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