Rock the Vote II: Who Should We Rockabye Next?

Posted by 36 on

There's a new poll on our online store, so please be sure to vote for who we should "Rockabye" next!

Got a suggestion? Don't see your favorite? Leave your lullaby wish list here in the comments!

Dream on, and on and on, Your friends at Rockabye Baby

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  • def leppard
    van halen

    Kelley on
  • Pearl Jam
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Alice in Chains
    Def Leppard
    VAN HALEN!!!! (And the Cradle Will Rock…) would fit perfectly! :)

    Jenny on
  • When are you going to release a Foo Fighters album, and any chance of some Kings Of Leon?

    Tricia on
  • Dear Fresh 77, We are looking to release it early next year. We know, we know, not soon enough, but perfection takes time! he he. Thanks for stopping by!

    To everyone else, thanks for your great suggestions! We listen. Keep ’em coming!

    Rockabye Baby! on
  • Sonic Youth, Pavement, Beck, Marilyn Manson, Cradle Of Filth, Kings Of Leon, Pantera

    Nineteen Flowers And The Sound Of Herself on

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