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Article: Rockabye Baby "Bib Libs"

Rockabye Baby "Bib Libs"

I was first introduced to Mad Libs in elementary school by my fifth grade teacher. She crafted a few of her own to help create a little enthusiasm around our upcoming Civil War lesson. Unfortunately for me, every time someone mentions the Gettysburg Address (which is actually more often than you would think) I hear "Four leprechauns and thirty-nine Eggos ago . . . " I've been a die-hard Mad Libs fan ever since that day in fifth grade. In my opinion, no road trip, family get-together or holiday gathering is complete without a good round of Mad Libs. So in addition to giving the gift of lullabies  this holiday season, give the gift of laughter too. Print out the "Bib Libs" below with your loved ones this holiday season. Fill in each blank with the instructed type of word and let the good times roll.     Share your Bib Libs with us by emailing a snapshot of your completed sheet to and we'll post it here! After a night of family fun, get the kids into sleepytime mode with our Best of 2012 lullaby bundle.

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