Rockabye Baby featured on "The Talk"

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CBS's newest daytime talk show "'The Talk" geared up for baby season - Rockabye Baby style.

The hosts of "The Talk" on CBS held a baby shower gift show that aired on April 28th to spur new baby gift ideas for this spring season. We all know that no baby shower is complete without a round of rock lullabies, so our Rockabye Baby gift box was a featured giveaway on the show and included Lullaby Renditions of:  U2, Journey, More Beatles, Aerosmith, Queen and of course, host Sharon Osbourne's husband's band, Black Sabbath.

If you would like to win a gift box that was featured on the show, please "Like" us on Facebook and then email us at giveaway[at]cmhrecords[dot]com to let us know you'd like to be entered. One lucky winner will be selected to receive the gift!

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