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Article: Rockabye Baby featured on "The Talk"

Baby Shower Gifts

Rockabye Baby featured on "The Talk"

CBS's newest daytime talk show "'The Talk" geared up for baby season - Rockabye Baby style.

The hosts of "The Talk" on CBS held a baby shower gift show that aired on April 28th to spur new baby gift ideas for this spring season. We all know that no baby shower is complete without a round of rock lullabies, so our Rockabye Baby gift box was a featured giveaway on the show and included Lullaby Renditions of:  U2, Journey, More Beatles, Aerosmith, Queen and of course, host Sharon Osbourne's husband's band, Black Sabbath.

If you would like to win a gift box that was featured on the show, please "Like" us on Facebook and then email us at giveaway[at]cmhrecords[dot]com to let us know you'd like to be entered. One lucky winner will be selected to receive the gift!


Done aaaand done, Regina!


Please enter me in the baby giveaway, I just had a baby boy 7 weeks ago.

Regina Mora

Woo! That’s so great, congrats from all of us here at Rockabye Baby!!


LOVE these jams! Genius idea.
Im due in 5 weeks and made sure to put these on my registry as a “must have”… they are absolutely beautiful and I would listen to them even if I didn’t have a baby on the way. BRAVO!


Yee-hoo! Thanks Jenny! Did you sign up for the giveaway??


Fan in a second :)


I forgot to say that these were listed as one of her fave gifts..but I did not get her the ones that you are giving away now so please include me in your giveaway. Besides there may be another reason that I will need these but Shhh..cannot let you know just yet.

Debbie Chioffe

Thanks for the opportunity…I already like you on facebook and there will be one email coming up! These are really a must have, my sister raves about the ones that I gave her at her baby shower, she even listened to them while she was in the hospital!She listens to them daily now with little Ryland.

Debbie Chioffe

I would love this! We have the CD that has various songs by various artists on it. We love it! I have the Bob Marley CD on my list to order next =) Please enter me!!! Thank you so much!!

Marnie Amongol

I’d like to be entered! I have a lil girl due in Sept. My 6 year old loves to listen to the music as I play it close to my belly.. :) Thanx!

Elizabeth Milland

Please enter my godchild Michelle in baby contest. Her 1st baby was due 9/9/2012. Her water broke on 7/7/2012. The baby was 31 weeks old at the time. She was to be hospitalized for 3 weeks and the baby was schduled to be born on
7/28/2012; the date of her baby shower. The baby fooled us all and Chritopher Jacob was born on Friday the 13th. He weight is 3 lb 15 oz an is 17 inchs.

Mary Brody

I am Lacey Dugas. I am 11 weeks pregent for my frist child. I am a four grade school teacher.I would love to win your prize Thank you,

Lacey Dugas

I had a few of these cd’s before, for my son, and sadly I had to leave them at the daycare I worked at. Now that I am pregnant with my 3rd child I want to get the whole collection before my baby arrives in December. Absolutely love the rockabye collection!

shandi bills

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