Rockabye Baby's Movie Night: Dazed and Confused

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At long last, Friday has arrived! If you don't have plans for this evening, how about a cozy movie night? You pick the treats and we'll pick the movie.

Last Sunday night, I snuggled up with one of my favorite films (for the 13th or 14th time this year - but who's counting?), Dazed and Confused.  This nostalgic throwback is set in the ‘70s and follows the students of a small Texan town closing out the 1976 school year at Robert Lee High School with a bang. Since I'm a child of parents who grew up then and a huge fan of the music from that time, I'm fascinated with this film. My mother still gloats "Those really were the days," (she's still waiting for a bell-bottom resurgence). Though I wasn't around to enjoy and experience the ‘70s, the stories of my parents, grandparents and others that were there make it pretty easy to agree "Those really were the days."

Dazed and Confused opens perfectly with Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion;" I'm getting chills just thinking about it. As I got further into the movie, I realized so many of the great songs featured in the film have gotten the "Rockabye" treatment - and rightfully so!

I began to think of other favorite films filled with songs that have been "lullabized" by Rockabye Baby, and how fun it would be to feature a Rockabye Baby movie night regularly on the blog. So without further ado, I recommend to you for our inaugural Rockabye Baby Movie night, one of my all-time favorites: Dazed and Confused (1993). Sit back, relax and enjoy as the ‘70s culture washes over you. While you watch, the littlest movie critic in your home can enjoy the film, too, by listening to Rockabye Baby's lullaby renditions of these rock classics: Lullaby Rendition of Aerosmith - "Sweet Emotion" Good Day, Goodnight featuring Lullaby Rendition of KISS' - "Rock and Roll All Nite" Lullaby Rendition of Black Sabbath - "Paranoid"

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