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Article: School of Rock(abye)

School of Rock(abye)

You know what isn't too cool for school? A little Rockabye! Your kids may be back to school, but it doesn't mean you have to leave the lullabies at home. If you're looking to show your little one's teachers some appreciation, do it with a Rockabye Baby release! Here's what a few teachers have said about how Rockabye has gently rocked their classrooms: I teach kindergarten. I love using the Rockabye Baby CDs for rest time and when I want my students to work quietly. They are wonderful!! -MJ It lets the children listen to the greats. I love them all. I have almost every CD. I use them in my classroom during naptime at my job. -Samantha Rockabye Baby is so wonderful. It gives baby the peaceful, melodic sounds to soothe them, while giving the parents the familiar rock sounds that does not bore them to sleep. It's awesome to play while middle school students work as well. -Jjsprite

Send your kid to the school of Rockabye by wishing his/her teacher a Good Day, Goodnight, plus a mug!


Or let it be teacher's choice with our Rockabye Baby Digital Download Card!

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