Schooled by Springsteen: 3 Things You Can Learn About Life from The Boss

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First things first: I was never a fan of Bruce Springsteen Until recently. It took me some 30 years — totally aging myself (gracefully) right now — since his Born in the U.S.A. first took the country by storm and I first saw his “Dancing in the Dark” video on MTV that just seemed to play over and over again to my dismay, before I finally got him, The Boss. Through my teen years into my twenties and on, I was too wrapped up in New Wave, then Industrial, anything and everything 4AD then Indie Rock and so forth, to get into the American rock that Springsteen produced. It wasn’t until I lived in Montreal and found his songs on so many of my friends’ playlists there (Springsteen along with Montreal-based Arcade Fire, who are very much influenced by Springsteen’s music) that slowly but surely he got under my skin. I was missing out. (And he’s quite the hunk, too, isn’t he?) And beyond his music, there’s much to appreciate and learn from. So here’s my list in honor of this great musician and inspiring individual:

SCHOOLED BY SPRINGSTEEN 3 Things You Can Learn About Life from The Boss

1. “Wear pants that fit.” Seriously, I don’t know of any other male public figure’s butt that was as popular then or now than his. Can you? But what I mean by this lesson is don’t put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable or don’t try to do things that compromise who you are. Springsteen, from what I’ve read, has always remained true to who he is, and what he believes in. I dig that.


2. You can rock at any age. Now let me take this a step further. Whether you’re a teenager or in your sixties, whether a musician or mother, I think Springsteen would say that you can rock at whatever you do. P.S. I’m officially obsessed with “Girls in Their Summer Clothes,” and I appreciate that his video features girls and women of all ages on the beach without being sleazy about it.
3. Be persistent. It wasn’t until The Boss’s third album that his popularity soared. Don’t give up on your dreams or what you believe in.


What did  Bruce Springsteen teach you about life?

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  • That I was born to run,but, stop and smell the roses…. its okay to dance in the dark,just be sure you don’t trip over something, and finding someone who’ll prove it all night is a good thing….

    marcy leigh on
  • It’s true! Love dies. That’s a fact! When my daughter died I thought that was it. That it was all over for me.
    But it’s also true if you stay in there & don’t give up,
    and that’s not an easy thing to do , someday love comes backs. It’s different- but it does come back.

    Katie Charles on
  • I ain’t a beauty, but hey I’m alright . . .

    Suzanne on
  • many, many things, but mostly: someday we’ll look back at this and it will all seem funny. It applies to good times and bad times. Always have hope because: this is a town full of losers and I’m pulling out of here to win.. and how not to give directions: Take a right at the light keep going straight until night….

    Valerie S on
  • 1. You learn more from a 3 minute record… Artists own the pulse/reality of humanity and society… Systems and organizations own the manufactured ideals

    2. There’s magic in the night…still going strong and trying new things and still being vulnerable and open to love at 64 years old

    3. People find some reason to believe… At the end of it all we are all hoping for the same thing- purpose – promise – a reason

    Erin Counter on

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