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Article: Sign Up for Rockabye Baby's Mailing List!

Sign Up for Rockabye Baby's Mailing List!

Want the latest on all that's new at Rockabye Baby?  Join our mailing list for special offers,  free tunes and much more! Psst . . . we reveal who's being "Rockabye'd" next in our upcoming September newsletter. Want to be the first to know who it is? Sign up now!

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Is there a chance you’ll ever do Rancid?


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Mommy Brain

Think mommy brain is just an excuse for moms everywhere to get a free pass for (fill in the blank)? Well, I'm sure some mothers have no problem pulling the "Sorry, I have mommy brain" line when it...

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Rockabye Baby's Movie Night: KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park

The year is 1978. A 6-year-old kid is slumped in a beanbag, wearing a pair of oversized headphones while staring intensely at an album cover of guys in full makeup and otherworldly costumes with fl...

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