So You Think You Know blink-182?

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So you think you know blink-182?

Kerry Key from San Diego - Blink-182 at the Showcase Theater in Corona July 18,1995

We all know the blink-182 guys are known for their immature antics and their distractedly catchy pop-punk melodies, but what else do you really know about them? If you think you know more about Blink than the rest, here’s your chance to win a copy of our upcoming release Lullaby Renditions of blink-182. You know you want one! Send your answers to the trivia questions to by Sunday, July 26, 8 pm PST and you could be one of three (3) lucky fans who will win an advance copy of our upcoming release! We will randomly select winners from those who answered the questions correctly. Side Note: blink was my favorite band for about 5 years of my adolescent life so putting together this quiz was an absolute joy for me. I refrained as best as I could to keep questions that only super-duper hardcore fans would know — so — you’re welcome. So you think you know blink-182? Prove it!
  1. What was blink-182’s very first (and very brief) original name?
    1. Blink
    2. Urethra Chronicles
    3. Big Oily men
    4. Cheshire Cat
  2. What was the first blink-182 song ever written?
    1. "Flyswatter"
    2. "Carousel"
    3. "M+M's"
    4. "Dead Man's Curve"
  3. Which record label has blink-182 not been associated with?
    1. MCA
    2. Capitol
    3. Geffen
    4. Cargo
  4. Who is the song Josie named after?
    1. Mark’s sister’s best friend
    2. A neighbor’s dog
    3. Josie of Josie and the Pussycats
    4. Mark’s girlfriend
  5. Which movie inspired the song “Going Away to College?”
    1. Reality Bites
    2. Can’t Hardly Wait
    3. Empire Records
    4. True Romance
  6. According to Tom on the live album The Mark, Tom and Travis Show, Mark’s middle name is actually:
    1. Allan
    2. Rebecca
    3. Roger
    4. Ambrosius
  7. What is the name of the band blink-182 takes out on tour with Jimmy Eat World & Green Day for a “social experiment” in the documentary Riding in Vans with Boys?
    1. Further Seems Forever
    2. Yovee
    3. Kut U Up
    4. Taco Shop Poets

Lullaby Renditions of blink-182 arrives August 14!

Listen to snippets now.


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