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Article: So You Think You Know Rush Giveaway


So You Think You Know Rush Giveaway

CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who participated and congrats to our winners! You have been contacted by email.  Lookin' to score a copy of our upcoming release Lullaby Renditions of Rush? Well, we've got your chance right here! The first three (3) fans to email us the correct answers to all five (5) questions below will receive: one (1) copy of Lullaby Renditions of Rush. Got your thinking caps on? Good luck! 1. Guitarist Alex Lifeson is given sole lyric-writing credits on which Rush song? a. Fly By Night b. Lessons c. Caravan d. A Farewell to Kings 2. What is the name of the city where the events of "2112" occur? a. Rivendell b. Green Town c. Cloud City d. Megadon 3. Alex Lifeson's real name is: a. Alexander Budziszewski b. Aleksandar Živojinović c. Alex Foster d. Aleksander Zmijewski 4. Where was A Farewell to Kings recorded? a. Rockfield Studios b. Abbey Road c. The Village d. Trident Studios 5. Rush's highest charting single in the US was: a. Tom Sawyer b. Limelight c. Counterparts d. 2112: Overture

Email your answers now! 

Do you know some other great Rush trivia only true fans would know? Share it below!

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