St. Paddy’s Day Coloring Pages + Fun Facts

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At long last the weekend is here! If it isn't already, we think a little coloring should be added to your weekend to-do list (along with a little baking, perhaps?) And while your wee ones are coloring away, why not rattle off a few St. Patrick's Day fun facts?    Did You Know . . . 1.The color of St. Patrick's original garments were actually blue. 2. Every St. Patrick's Day since 1962, the Chicago River has been dyed green in honor of the day. 3. SPOILER ALERT: St. Patrick wasn't Irish, but was actually born in Britain and was of Scottish or Welsh descent. 4. It's estimated that there are about 10,000 three-leafed clovers for every lucky four leafed one. 5. Portland, Oregon, has our nation's only dedicated Leprechaun Colony.

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