Summer Fun with Rockabye Baby: That Long Road Trip

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Dad, Mom, baby and the open road. Nothing says summer fun like a road trip. The warm sun beating on your face with the windows rolled down, an ice-cold lemonade sitting in the console, your newly updated (from 1999 that is) road trip mix playing and a baby chillin' in the back. Ahh, life is good. But giving your baby the attention he or she needs while you're navigating the open road can be challenging, especially if your little speed demon is kicking the back of your seat asking for more "nummies." ("How are they doing that?! Their legs aren't even long enough to reach my seat let alone jerk me back and forth!") Even an hour-long road trip would be pretty tricky to orchestrate without a little Rockabye Baby handy. To make sure your summer road trip steers clear of any baby meltdowns, here are a few of our favorite albums to help cool down your little road rager. Lullaby Renditions of U2 - What do Mom and Dad "Desire" on a 4-hour drive? Do you even have to guess? Lullaby Renditions of Dave Matthews Band - "Where Are You Going?" To sleep! Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles - When you're headed "Here, There and Everywhere," we've got to make sure baby is well rested. .            .                            

Have any helpful tips for parents and tots hitting the road this summer? Share below!

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