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Article: Thanksgiving: The Kids' Table

Thanksgiving: The Kids' Table

Remember how it felt to get stuck at the kiddie table on Thanksgiving? Sometimes there's no choice but to have a separate table for the little ones. How about some activities or decorating ideas to liven it up? With all the cool suggestions for creating a beautiful and fun Thanksgiving kids' table that we found, the grownups will wish they were sitting there too. Check out these great free Thanksgiving printables to create table decor like pilgrim hats, Indian headdresses, or fun children's place mats. No Fuss Fabulous, a blog with an unending supply of craft ideas, has some festive suggestions for creating cute and cool place settings for kids, including crayons and butcher paper to let them express their creativity, plus more Turkey day activities to keep kids entertained once dinner is done. Or try Disney Family Fun to make the kids' table the cool spot this year. They've got free printable games, recipes, decorations, activity sheets and other Thanksgiving-themed ideas to explore.

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