The Twitter Account That Will Make Your Day: @LosFelizDayCare

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If you enjoy laughing (and occasionally poking fun at hipster parents) you should really start following @TheLosFelizDayCare, a local Los Angeles “day care.” Grab yourself an organic kale and avocado smoothie and read some of our favorites below . . .     The account’s commentary on the local parenting styles of our little corner of Los Angeles is pretty hilarious . . . and believable; so believable in fact, that a few of us thought it was a real account when we first stumbled across it.   And while Valentine’s Day is months away, we dug this one up because it’s so good . . . Reading through the first few tweets we all had a chuckle and rolled our eyes. But once we realized that it was all just poking fun at some of the more hipster, yuppie tendencies of our “affluent hillside neighborhood” we couldn’t enough of what this mastermind has been posting.

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