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You have your bundles of joy...we have our own, too!  .         .    Rockabye has a vast selection of bundles with lullabies to move yours to zzzzzs, clothes to show their rocker sides-and even cool mugs to show yours! From our fan-created Godfathers of Rock Gift Set and limited edition Good Day, Goodnight Bundle with mug to the Foo Fighters Premium Bundle with mug and toddler T-shirt, there's a Rockabye bundle sure to please you, or the parent or rocker-in-training in your life. See them all by clicking below!

One lucky fan can win one of our bundles today! Will it be you? Just answer the question below:

Why does your bundle of joy rock?

Post your answer in the comment box by 6 p.m. PT today-(and don't forget to include your email address so we have a way to get in contact with you!)-to enter our random giveaway for our Godfathers of Rock Gift Set.

Now go on and tell us:  "My bundle of joy rocks because . . ."

CONTEST CLOSED: Thank you to everyone below who participated. Be sure to check back for more chances to win awesome Rockabye Baby gifts! Congratulations to Lorraine!!! 

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  • he is always so happy and playful and loves to laugh and play!!

    Debbie H on
  • My little girl is a total rock star & loves to rock out! Everyday when I was pregnant I listened to KISS & other great music. We play KISS for her to clam down when she’s crying she just LOVES music. She even has a favorite song already Smoke On The Water. She def ROCKS!

    Dani Madden on
  • My bundles of joy (2 kids now!) rock simple because they have an uncanny love of music, and when they hear the first beats of anything from AC/DC to the Beatles to Pink Floyd, they sit there and bop along in sheer bliss! Their smiles light up their faces, and it is so infectious to not want to “rock out” as we call it, with them! Plus, as sisters, they get along so famously well! I swear one of them is going to be a rock star when older!

    Lorraine on
  • My bundle of joy ROCKS because when she’s having a cry the Kings of Leon is part of the calming down routine. Anytime shes upset in the car Kings of Leon delivers with their baby soothing sound :P

    Katrina on
  • My bundle of joy rocks because she has the moves like Jagger. When she shakes, rattles and rolls to the music she smiles and it lights up the sky.

    Alana Fenwick on

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