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Article: Throwback Thursday: Tower Records on the Sunset Strip

brian wilson

Throwback Thursday: Tower Records on the Sunset Strip

Do you remember the first time you walked into a record store? towerrecords

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Thousands walked through the doors of the Tower Records on Sunset Strip, including the likes of Ringo Starr and Brian Wilson, as well as every hair band member (American or otherwise) you could imagine since it first opened in 1972. This is also what drew music fans from miles around to shop side by side with their rock idols, plus, a chance at an autograph or to see a free show. You just can’t do that online. And, of course, there’s that thrill of going through boxes of vinyl, checking out the album art, and sometimes buying the album just because of it.

Unfortunately, this Tower Records store closed in 2006 when the company went bankrupt, and so many other record stores in the area that Angelenos will never forget, such as Rhino Records in Westwood and Aron’s Records in Hollywood, also closed. Thankfully Bay Area–chain Amoeba Music continues to thrive on Sunset Boulevard, where you still can bump into members of The Police and more shopping for records, CDs and DVDs. Support your local record store to preserve vinyl for years to come. Our records releases await you there: [col1]whitestripesvinyl [/col1][col2]smiths-vinyl-product_1[/col2][col3]pj-amazonvinyl3[/col3]

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