Top 10 Things I Want for Mother’s Day

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Have you gotten your Mother's Day presents yet? This is my first Mother's Day as a mother. Hooray to me! Of course, I like to give myself a pat on the back every day for pulling off this very adult thing. And a big round of applause to all of you who have or are about to embark on the "mother" of all journeys. But let's get down to business...presents! The Top 10 things I want for Mother's Day are more DIY than anything. So here goes: Dear Baby (or other parties who will help her execute, aka "Papa"), here's my list: Top 10 Things I Want for Mother's Day 10. A personalized card 9 . Mommy-baby photo shoot 8. No Diaper Duty for the day 7. That food makes it to baby's belly and not the rest of the house 6. No Laundry Duty for two weeks 5. Mommy-baby foot massages 4. My mommy, because we don't want to leave her out 3. Four hours of a row 2. Another baby? (aka "Breakfast in a Hotel Bed") 1. Baby's choice, total surprise present!

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