Tuesday Rocks with The Smiths Release and iTunes Rockabye Baby Sale

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A good night's sleep never came as easy as this...  
Everyone at Rockabye Headquarters is excited about today's release of the much anticipated Lullaby Renditions of The Smiths, but that's not all! Parents and babies alike will be pleased to welcome more peaceful slumber now that the Rockabye Baby iTunes Sale has kicked off today - and will continue  until May 8th. ALL our lullaby renditions titles - that's more than 40 releases and over 30 hours of soothing instrumental bliss - are on sale for a mere $7.99 each.

The challenge is deciding which ones to buy. Above is just a sampling.  Decisions, decisions...

Visit iTunes now to download your albums of choice for a gentle price.

You must agree, Tuesday does indeed rock!

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