Vinyl Giveaway: What Was Your First Record?

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I’m a baby of the ’80s. During my childhood, MTV, CMT, radio and cassette tapes were in and vinyl was out. So out in fact that my parents gave away a huge percentage of their vinyl collection because it just wasn’t that cool anymore. But as you all know, that has since changed. Vinyl has made a serious comeback in recent years, with sales skyrocketing to 6.1 million in 2013 (the highest since 1991). Even crazier is that Urban Outfitters is now the world’s largest seller of vinyl. Weird, right?!? Interestingly enough, it’s the kids who grew up being able to download music or stream via Pandora and Spotify who are the primary demographic buying vinyl now. And I am one of them (a passive collector, I might add, as I‘ll hunt down a vinyl release maybe twice a year). My how the tables have turned (ha ha, get it)! Since I had a late start, I got my first record at 19.


I have since added more (but not many more as both of my roommates have way larger collections than I do, so I just spin what they’ve got). But enough about me! Wouldn’t you say it’s high time to get your hands on baby’s first vinyl? Just tell us this to enter this week’s vinyl giveaway:  

What was the first record you bought?

  Tell us what your very first vinyl was in the comments by November 11, 8 pm PST to be automatically entered to win one (1) of these albums: Lullaby Renditions of Pearl Jam, The Flaming Lips or The White Stripes. Three (3) total winners will be selected in our random drawing.

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  • Kiss!!…… I didn’t buy. I was 10. It was 1982. My parents had no clue what tthey purchased…. Ahhhhh Yeahhhh

    Amy on
  • Mine was Coldplay’s Parachutes. I had all their CDs and singles up to that point, not very many, but I figured I would start collecting their vinyl too. Then I found my parents’ turntable in the basement, got it working, and haven’t looked back since!

    Ryan on
  • Madonna’s “Immaculate Collection” at the shocking age of 10 years!

    Kat on
  • Depeche Mode. Violator.

    Katie Nhem on
  • The first one I remember buying was with birthday money when I was about six… “Chipmunk Punk” – loved they had done a cover of Devo’s “Whip It” on there! Still have it somewhere… :)

    Al on

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