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Article: Walk This Way to Win Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith!


Walk This Way to Win Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith!

Walk this way, folks. We're so elated about our new arrival, Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith (featuring liner notes by Steven Tyler!), we're giving away ten copies!
Lullaby Renditions of Aerosmith
Here's how to enter: All you have to do to win your very own CD is leave a comment on this post telling us why you love Aerosmith in 100 words or less. Ten lucky winners will be chosen from all the entries. You can enter more than once, but you must give a different reason on each comment! You must enter your email when you leave a comment so we can contact you (don't worry, it will be kept private).
Contest ends Friday, October 16, 2009 at 12:00 PM (PST).
Want to hear one of our amazing lullaby renditions? Listen to Dream On. Don't want to miss a thing? Run to your nearest cool baby boutique or visit to get your very own copy!


I love Aerosmith because Walk This Way is one of my favorite songs of all time, because they are awesome in concert, and because putting Sweet Emotion on the soundtrack of the movie Dazed and Confused made it that much cooler. Oh and because Joe Perry is a legend!

Maggie Cocherell

I have been listening to Aerosmith as long as I can remember. One of my early childhood memories is watching my dad sing their songs to us! My siblings and I would dance and sing along. To this day we are all big fans. I love the fact that I can share this wonderfully compiled music with my daughters. What a fresh way to incorporate oldies but goodies!

Monique Martinez

I love Aerosmith because every song of theirs seems to remind me of a special moment in my life (admittedly some better than others). Can’t wait to share them with my son so that someday he can say the same.

Jennifer Lewis

aerosmith is incredible because steven tyler is a total hottie even though he is way beyond my years.


I love Aerosmith because they’re my favorite edition of the Guitar Hero game. Is that a lame reason or what? But it’s true, I grew tired of every other Guitar Hero game I bought, and always go back to my Aerosmith game pretty quick! I simply must hear these songs as lullabies! :)


New Reason. Different Comment! I love Aerosmith because even as the years pass, Steven Tyler seems to be frozen in time! This band is simply timeless!

Monique Martinez

Aerosmith has always been my wife’s all-time favorite. In the first few years when we were dating, Amber and I lived far apart and I would listen to Aerosmith to feel closer to her. How had I “missed” this fantastic band before I met Amber? The first time we saw them in concert, it was really fantastic! I have, therefore, acquired a grand appreciation for this contemporary yet classic band. They will always hold a special place in my heart. I could write another 100 words on Rockaby Baby, since they have provided the soundtrack to our son’s first years!

Dele Peterson

As a baby and through out my childhood I listened to Aerosmith, Making me a huge fan. Every hard time I encounter, just putting Aerosmith on always brings a smile to my face. While pregnant I would put headphones against my belly letting Steven Tyler’s amazing vocails pursuade my daughter to follow in my footsteps. Now as a two year old she loves to dance, but only if Aerosmith in playing loudly. Her favourite songs are from “Honkin on Bobo”. She has great taste :)

Stephanie L.

Does it count if my reason is not cute or involve memories? I love Aerosmith because not only do they absolutely rock, but they make me feel like a dirty girl… in a really good way… and I love the chance to step out of my usual good girl (and now Mama) role and feel really naughty while I dance my butt off and sing at the top of my (off-key) lungs!

Rachel Doyle

I love Aerosmith because their music is classic. I mean, Walk this Way with Run DMC was like the first rock/rap collaboration and look at how popular that is now. Their Alicia Silverstone videos are some of my all-time favorites too!

Kristen C.

I love Aerosmith because they make me sing. They make me dance. Many songs bring back happy memories and make me smile. They make me proud to be a Bostonian (Go Sox!) And someday, I want my son to be able to say that Aerosmith music, and all music, does the same thing for him. Maybe he won’t be a musician, but at least we’ll teach him to appreciate good music right from the beginning!

Melissa Romig

Aerosmith defined rock and roll. No band was cooler – great songs live for ever, and Aerosmith has amazing songs. (singing) they walked this way and nobody, including mama kin was crying. What a sweet emotion. I can’t wait to introduce my child to this amazing band. Dream On!


I love Aerosmith because they’re timeless. They rock as hard today as they did when they first appeared on the scene 30 years ago. They continue to pump out the hits while remaining true to themselves, their sound, and their fans. I’ve never yet seen an Aerosmith show but I’ve certainly put on my own in the comfort of my living room! I’d love to share that with my kids.

Pam R.

I love Aerosmith because they put on a great show and they have great lyrics to their songs. Always can belt out an Aerosmith song!!

Melissa N

I love Aerosmith because they are timeless and a lot of the songs bring me back to when I was growing up. My wife hates Aerosmith (although ironically likes most of the songs on the CD) She’d love these versions of the songs.


I love Aerosmith because their music is so timeless. I can listen to “Dream On” and have so many different vivid memories. Like sitting on top of the kitchen counter as a kid, listening to the “heavy metal” radio station, and then the same song as a teen, when I may or may not have been doing something that may or may not have been illegal….


I love Aerosmith because, their music takes me back to a much simpler and happier time when I was a teenager. They bring back a lot of wonderful memories of days gone by. I can be having the most awful day, the one where nothing goes right and walk in somewhere or hear them on the radio, and they just seem to make everything o.k.. if only for a moment!!!!!


Thanks for all the entries! Make sure to tell all your friends!

Rockabye Baby!

Ah, Aerosmith! I have been a fan since I was a tween … and vividly remember growing up to their music! Aerosmith is definitely one of those bands that my little one will surely become familiar with – since we still listen to them on a regular basis!!!


My husband’s favorite band is Aerosmith! I actually don’t like them, so winning the CD would give my husband the scratch mark on the “Tit-for-Tat” scoreboard.


Aerosmith is definately one of my favorite bands, if not my favorite. They’re ability to write and play hard rock songs and ballads is incredible. Aerosmith is one of the bands that has withstood the test of time and proved themselves to be one of the greatest rock bands to have ever played. It is difficult to find flaws in Aerosmith. Their music continues to inspire and their live shows continue to impress.


The kids and I love Aerosmith because in addition to being musically complex (and beautiful) they are some serious rockers, so we get the balance pretty and hard that satisfies us all!


I love Aerosmith for so many reasons. Their ability to write such catchy tunes. The fact that they can rock out and do ballads (and ballads that aren’t too cheesy!). But right up there has to be the way they managed to reinvent themselves. So few bands get a second bite at the cherry and these boys really made the most of it!


Truth be told, I don’t really like them.

But, I do have a brother-in-law that’s a big fan and it would be great to surprize him and my nephew with this.


one of my fondest memories was when I was 13 years old and my older brother took me to see Aerosmith in Charlotte, NC on their Permenant Vacation tour. I had been a HUGE fan of Aerosmith for several years then, having collected all of their albums on cassette. Aerosmith is the one band that has stayed relevant over the years, and continue to come up with new material that is always “TRUE” Aerosmith Hard Rock! I loved when Guitar Hero came out w/ the Aerosmith game…I played it for 3 hours straight to beat it so that I could play “Kings and Queens” at the end…I still love to play along to that song all the time. I also learned to play the drums by listening to Aerosmith’s “Permenant Vacation” and “Pump” albums and and I can still play them all the way through 20 years later! I LOVE Aerosmith!!!


Dream On is one of those rock songs that haunts you, but in a good way. Love it!


Oh, I LOVE Aerosmith!! Every song reminds me of some point in my life. I think they are the only band that I own every CD and it was the only concert I ever went to with my husband! I’d love to have this Rockabye Baby CD for my new baby coming in 2 weeks!!

Heather J

Aerosmith is one of those iconic bands that when you hear their music it takes you to another place in time. Dude Looks Like a Lady – I was probably 12, babysitting my neighbor’s kids watching this video and eating popcorn with them. Dream On – In high school riding around with my friend Steve. Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Watching the movie The Sweetest Thing. I would love to add rocking my babies to sleep with this CD to my Aerosmith memory bank.


My husband and I both listened to Aerosmith when we were growing up – fortunately our parents had great taste in music too! Now we love turning on an old school Aerosmith tune and “rocking out” in the car with our 3 yo and 1 yo daughters. There is nothing quite like the sight in the rear view mirror when two little girls are “raising the roof” and clapping their hands to Steven Tyler and the Boys!


The first image I ever saw on cable was Aerosmith’s video for “Rag Doll”. Aerosmith was my first idea of what “cool” was and I hope to share that idea with my children.


The first concert my husband and I attended together was Aerosmith in Toledo, Ohio in 1974. Our kids grew up on Aerosmith music and this CD will be played to our second granddaughter (expected around Thanksgiving). Our first granddaughter (age 2 1/2) listens to the Rockabye Baby Led Zepplin CD every night.


i always loved aerosmith because it was a group that my dad and i could always agree on, and i hope that one day that my kids will agree with me on, the songs are timeless and will be classics for generations to come

chuck m

I love Aerosmith because they are timeless! They’ve been playing for over 30 years and most people still rock out to their original stuff (Dream On, Walk This Way, Sweet Emotions)!!

Whitney Smith

I fell in love with Aerosmith in high school. Their big come-back album was the soundtrack to my junior/senior year, and my friends and I had so much fun rocking out to them.


Who Doesn’t love Aerosmith? I’ve only seen them live once but Steven Tyler is a legend. We have almost every Rockabye baby CD, so we have to keep our collection up to date!


I would love to win a CD of aerosmith for my grandson. He loves my music. I already bought him the Pink Floyd Lullaby which he loved. Slept like a baby. He is 2 1/2 now but he still likes to hear the CD. I know he would love to sleep to Steven Tyler. Thank You, Linda


I love all of the memories and amazing music, but also that when i was little, I thought it was really “Jamie’s Got a Gun”!


I love Aerosmith because It brings back many great memories. I love the fact that I am bale to share the music I love so much with my grand daughter and soon my grand son. Next it has to be CCR. hahaha
Thank you,Sue

sue lelievre

In exactly 100 words Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler Steven Tyler.

Kelly Tirman

Aerosmith is my all time favorite band. They gave me the soundtrack to my teenage years. Then on into my 20’s and 30’s they added the background music that my son still recalls hearing them when he would come home from school and I was making supper, or baking on the weekends.
I am so happy that his son can start out with memories of Aerosmith from his childhood also. To be able to do that even from his crib is such an awesome thing!
Rock on Aerosmith!

Kris Bryce

Aerosmith still lives on the crazy amazing edge of love in an elevator and sweet emotion. I don’t want to miss a thing of jaded pink flesh. They have nine lives and have come full circle. Janie’s got a gun and still crying like there’s a hole in my soul with a rag doll.


I love Aerosmith because Janie’s Got A Gun has been in my top 5 favorite songs for as long as I can remember having a top 5 (junior high school probably). Every time I hear that song, I’m transported back in time when rock-n-roll amazed me and opened my eyes to the love of music. And let me tell u not much has changed since then. I still love r-n-r. Aerosmith is definitely one of the best rock bands ever!


Wow, this is easy….. Aerosmith are one of the original hard working rock bands that showed the world how to have fun to the soundtrack of pure in-your-face rock music. The early days is my favourite Aero-era, but was blown away with Permanent Vacation just when I thought it was perhaps over for them. The roots of Guns and Roses

I would love to win because this is a gentle way to introduce my babies to Aerosmith music. My hubby is a rocker and huge Aerosmith fan and I am more of a classical music girl so this CD represents the perfect blend of our music tastes.


Aerosmith was first introduced to me when I was under the age of 1 year by my mom. I would fall asleep to the album ‘Toys in the Attic’. Now it’s my fav. band & I have been to every Toronto concert since 1992, the only one I missed was this recent one he fell ill. The have rocked my life for 30 years now! It’s time for them to Rock my daugther’s life! Rock on Aerosmith!!

jenn krabi

crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby! you turn it on when you’re gone, yeah you drive me…


I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this CD for my 3 month old. She listens to Rockabye music every night before we go to bed! We don’t have AEROSMITH yet! And who doesn’t love Aerosmith?! Seriously..they are legondary and have been ROCKIN’ the music world for decades! I have always been a HUGE fan. My husband and I hope to pass our appreciation of music on to our three month old. How better to do that than with an AWESOME Aerosmith Rockabye CD. Thanks for the consideration!! :)


I love Aerosmith because they are classic and define the definition of Rock & Roll.

Diane S.

I love Aerosmith because they were most likely playing when my daughter was conceived! Which is what brought me to love all of the Rockabye Baby discs!!!


I first saw Aerosmith in 1979 in Chicago, and used to have posters of them on my bedroom wall that I got out of Circus Magazine- been a huge fan of theirs for a long time! I am also a fan of Rockabye and own three of your CDs (Zeppelin, Beatles and Ramones) and use them to put my toddler son to sleep. I would love to add Aerosmith since I know all the songs and can sing along with them. My son already loves their music already and now he could nap to it!


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