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Article: Ways to Announce a New Arrival


Ways to Announce a New Arrival

GIveaway Closed: Thank you to everyone who participated!!  When my husband and I found out a kid was on the way, we didn't post our first ultrasound on Facebook. No offense to those of you who did! I didn't immediately tell my parents, either, who we see regularly...not until there was no way I could disguise my belly as anything but a baby. (I think it was the 5-month mark.) See, if I share anything with my mom, even the most personal photo or thought, she'll manage to send it out to 1,000 of her "close" friends within a minute. And that's not even using social media. We kept the news under wraps for months and months as the biggest secret my husband and I ever shared together. And then we revealed the news of our dragon baby piecemeal, enjoying each and every reveal, swearing each person or persons to secrecy or risk being banned from baby's first year of life (that included my mom), so we could surprise the next loved one. Here are a few ways I broke the news: The Disappearing Feet Trick (or Belly Shot) - These are photos I sent out via text message: one to a childhood friend and one to a dear aunt. Can you guess which one went to whom? (Those slippers are awesome for cleaning floors, by the way!)    The "Can't Do That Anymore" Segue - I was actually in line at a popular Cuban bakery discussing what I should order with my girlfriend who was 8 months pregnant at the time. She was saying, "I can't have this sandwich because it has deli meat slices, but you can..." And I said, "Actually, Anne, I can't either..." The Thanks, I'm Actually Pregnant Reveal - My sister, around my 3-month mark said, "Wow, your arms are getting bigger...maybe you should try not be such an oink, oink." A couple months later I told her, "Thanks for all the compliments, sis, I'm actually eating for two." Here's a creative approach from comedian Jessica Glassberg: The Behind the Door Reveal - She and her husband, Derek, announced the news to their loved ones by giving folks a tour of their new home (in person and via webcam) with the news behind the door of the baby's future nursery. Check out the video to see people's reactions!

I know everyone out there has a fun "How I Told People I Was Pregnant" story, whether it is your own or from someone you know. So tell us...

How did you or someone you know announce a new arrival?

Post your answer in the comment box by 8 p.m. PT tomorrow-(and don't forget to include your email address so we have a way to get in contact with you!)-to enter our random giveaway for one of our recent arrivals: More Lullaby Renditions of U2

Three winners will be selected! Go on. Share your stories with us for a chance at an awesome lullaby release...


Baby #1 – My mother-in-law had recently finished making a felt Christmas stocking for when her 1st grandchild was born and on New Year’s Day when we got to their place, asked “Can we take this home now or later?”

Baby #2 – Baby #1 spilled the beans to my in-laws. We asked my family, who lived in Indiana, if they would come to our house, Kansas, for Thanksgiving next year since that was our due date.

Baby #3 – Baby #2 wore Baby #1’s I’m a big sister shirt.


We decided to announce at 19 weeks. We made a cartoon announcement with stick figures and such. I’d never post an ultrasound picture on Facebook (I think it’s weird, my husband thinks it’s creepy) so we posted it on Facebook after we sent out a few copies to our close relatives that live far away but that we wanted to know before everyone else did.

Megan B.

with my second child I had a bun in our oven with my oldest looking through the glass….the caption was she has to wait until november before the bun is ready


I wrote to my husband publicly to our friends on Facebook “Is it okay if we tell everyone we’re pregnant, now?”

It seemed like everyone got a good giggle out of it.


Announced my pregnancy two Halloween’s ago through my costume! I dressed up as an oven with an arrow pointing to my belly that said “bun” . . . Hahah. It confused a few people at first but they eventually all got the message.


My husband and I had been married for 9 years. Everyone had given up on us! I wrapped up a pacifier for my Dad’s birthday. It took everyone a few minutes to figure it out!


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big sister shirt

With our second baby we had our oldest son wear a shirt that said big brother on it to a big family gathering. It took a little while before anyone noticed.

Christy Geis

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