We Will Rock You To Sleep! Sneak Peek of Our New Rockabye to Queen

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9653_250x250 Queen is coming! Queen is coming! You can stop emailing us, Brian May (kidding, we'd be thrilled). Our newest new-favorite CD, Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Queen, is available May 19 and we have a sneak peek for you. Check it out! Producer Leo Flynn II took our clunk and tinkle philosophy to new heights on this one. What say ye: yea or nay? Bohemian Rhapsody: Under Pressure:

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  • I wish my kids were young again I’d buy this immediately and I will for friends of mine who just gave birth. This is a fun and original idea. The tunes are soothing to say the least.

    Jeff S on
  • I love Queen! Thanks for making this album. These two songs sound so CUTE and FUN!! I cannot wait for the rest of the album.

    Jenny 12 on
  • We just had a baby two days ago, and my husband loves Metallica. I thought I would do some research to see if there wasn’t anything out there that combined Metallica and lullaby’s. I found you guys! We got it on itunes and it’s FANTASTIC!! I was disappointed because I love Queen, and come to find out that you guys are on the ball. I cannot wait to get it! The samples got me super pumped. Keep up the great work!

    Elizabeth on
  • Oh my goodness, it’s awesome!! I can’t wait! Well done!

    Danielle on
  • This is absolutely wonderful! As an aunt of 8 I here entirely to much of the same music, but this is such a wonderful change of pace! Forget children, this should be played in the office for adults!

    Sarah on

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