You are the Champions: Win One of Ten Lullaby Renditions of Queen CDs!

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Enter to win one of ten Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Queen CDs! 9653queen-coverblack_lrg Here's how: Tell us your best, most personal story about Queen---where you were the first time you heard them or the first time you saw them in concert, why you love them, or tell us about your favorite Queen song---anything personal to you in 200 words or less. Leave it in a comment right here on this post. We'll pick our ten favorites to win! Don't forget, you must submit an email address with your comment to be entered. The deadline to enter is 12:00 pm pst, June 9, 2009. Also, don't forget to check out our new Queen-themed print & play activities, go Radio Ga Ga with our exclusive sneak peek of two tracks, and check back here daily for new Queen features! Now, we nap (another one bites the dust...)


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  • My favorite memory of queen would be August 18 2007, my wedding day. Bohemian Rhapsody was the last song played and I had the most fun dancing with my new Husband, friends, and family. My little man was 3 months along in my belly so he danced with me too. Axel our son who is now 15 months listens to Rockabye baby lullabys every night to go to sleep and has been doing so almost from the time he was born. He is a little rock star playing his drums and banging his head!!

    Ashley Wilson on
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  • Hmmm, must have been around ‘92. Was shooting pool in a dive bar in Anaheim, Ca. A guy challenged me to 9 ball(and $100). Being drunk, I said “Sure”. He racked, and as I broke, ’Bicycle’ came on and I ran the table. Song finished just before I dropped the last ball and walked with this guy’s cash. Yeah, I bought him a couple drinks, too.

    Ben Jammin' on
  • A bunch of my friends and I were on a scuba diving trip in the Red Sea. We had just finished a night dive and we were on a bus on the way back to our hotel, rolling over sand dunes in the middle of nowhere. All of a sudden, one of my friends started singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the rest of us joined in. Every single person contributed in singing the song even though it was after midnight and we were all exhausted and it was awesome. Every time I hear that song, I think back to that night.

    Amy on
  • I have a lot of their albums and I have to say if I’m feeling down- I play ” Don’t stop me now” as loud as I can. There is a song for every moment- ” The show must go on” if I am having a hard time dealing with something, ” Lazing on a Sunday afternoon” if I feel like being goofy, ” The Miracle” for a great air guitar solo mood, ” Who wants to live forever” if I need to have a cry, and ” One Vision” when I just wanna belt it out. I have the Metallica lullabye CD and give all my friends an appropriate CD to them, but when we have our next child, which may be IVF again, this would be the CD for me!

    Mark Villani on

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