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Put on your best suit and tie and get ready to rock your babies…  Lullabye Renditions of Justin Timberlake is here!  The newest addition is already charting #7 on Billboard’s kid albums in its first week of release.  As one of our favorite renaissance men, he has had all four solo albums certified platinum, ten Grammy Awards, four Emmy Awards, three Brit Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, and Time named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2007 and 2013.  If anyone deserves our Rockabye Rockstar treatment, it’s J.T.  You can check out the album here, or stream it on Spotify.  There’s a lot of folks out there saying this is not a bad thing; in fact, they’re saying it’s pretty darn good…


Huffington Post

“Justin Timberlake has captured millennial hearts around the world. Now as those fans are growing up and having babies, they can pass their JT love down to their kids from the beginning.”



“Now that there are new lullaby versions of Timberlake's songs, you millennial parents can share your love of JT with your baby. Draw them in, play it as they sleep. So that they, too, can grow up in a world where Justin Timberlake will sing them to sleep.”


Good Housekeeping

“We have Rockabye Baby, the award-winning kids' music company that transforms favorites from all genres into eye-droop-inducing songs, to thank for Timberlake's lullaby makeover... It's a genius idea — not to mention, it bails out adults when they're asked to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" again. And then again.”


Scary Mommy

“Timberlake, the 36-year-old Swiss army knife of entertainment, became a father back in 2015 to baby Silas with his gorgeous wife Jessica Biel. And it seems fatherhood has had an impact. Rockabye Baby, the company that produces baby-friendly versions of popular songs from folks like the Beatles to The Doors and even Beyoncé, just announced its next album – and it’s all JT baby.”

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The new Rockabye Baby album is here, and we love her madly!  Among the most controversial and influential rock acts of the 1960s, L.A. natives, The Doors, have now been lullabied.  We have cherry-picked our favorite tunes from their 8 Platinum-plus albums, toning down some of the psychedelic rock and grooving out to sleepier tunes.  “Light My Fire,” “L.A. Woman,” and many more are now baby approved for bedtime.  You can check out the latest album here, or listen anywhere with Spotify.  When the music is over, check out what the press is saying about it…



Ultimate Classic Rock

“As with other installments in the popular series, Lullaby Renditions of the Doors pulls selections from the band’s bestselling catalog and re-purposes them for the bedtime hour with gently soothing arrangements that should be instantly familiar to parents who grew up with those classic records, yet still peaceful enough to send the little ones drifting blissfully into unconsciousness.”


Vents Magazine

“Taking 12 tracks from their expansive discography, the psychedelic, bluesy rock sounds trade places with xylophones, bells, marimbas, and woodblocks as the volume is turned down from 11 to a nighttime patter.  The platinum records of Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, John Desmore, and Robby Krieger transform into serene dreamscapes.”


Take a listen here

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We are quite satisfied with the latest addition to our Rockabye collection, Lullaby Renditions of Songs from Hamilton.  The sung-through rap/hip-hop musical has seen momentous success with adult audiences, but we kept baby in mind and brought the tunes to them too.  The digital-only release is a first for Rockabye Baby, but still has all the bells and whistles (and xylophones) of our traditional album packages, including games, artwork, and the delish recipe “Avocado Hamilton”.  You don’t have to wait for it either.  The album is out now and you can listen to it at home, or hear it on the go with Spotify.  Even the press can’t say no to this…



Paste Magazine – “A lot of adult human people really, really, really like Hamilton, and now, thanks to the well-made Rockabye Baby!, infant human people can hear catchy Broadway tunes about the U.S.’s first Secretary of State.”

Broadway World –  “The lullaby series takes eight tracks from the Tony, Grammy, and Pulitzer Prize-winning, chart-topping musical and turns them into upbeat-yet-tranquil lullaby jams for the whole family.”

Billboard – “The eight-track album includes the fan favorites “Alexander Hamilton” and “My Shot” but with a more harmonious feel to each song.”

Scary Mommy - "There’s a new album featuring lullaby versions of songs from the Broadway play, and you’re going to want to download it before nap time today."


Take a listen here

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Press for Lullaby Renditions of Beyoncé

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The talented and beautiful Beyoncé has finally been Rockabye’d, and we are drunk in love. Lullaby Renditions of Beyoncé is the perfect addition to the many artists we have given the lullaby treatment to. It has been long awaited and frequently requested by our parent devotees. Now you can teach those sleepy babies the moves to “Single Ladies”, and listen to the album at home, or hear it on the go with Spotify. Here’s what’s buzzing in the press about Queen B for babies.





“…you can still marvel at how well it's done and, if you actually have a newborn baby, it's a delight to play for them (if only as a wink to how cool you really are).”

Huffington Post

“But did you know parents now have a new way to introduce Beyoncé’s music to their babies? Rockabye Baby ― a company that produces lullaby versions of pop and rock songs ― announced that it will release an album of baby-friendly Beyoncé hits.”

Los Angeles Times

“The popular “Rockabye” series has tackled a wide range of artists over the years, from Prince, the Beatles and Bob Marley to Metallica, Eminem and even Beyoncé’s hubby, Jay Z.”


“As fate would have it, Rockabye Baby also announced exciting news of its own: it's releasing lullaby versions of Beyoncé's songs ahead of the arrival of her two new bundles of joy… Sounds like Blue Ivy and her new siblings will have a lot to sing about once the kid-friendly versions of their famous mom's songs hit stores.”


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Press for Our 10th Anniversary Album, Birthday Party

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We're three days away from the release of our 10th Anniversary compilation album, Birthday Party. Wow, ten years! It seems like just yesterday we released lullaby renditions of Metallica, Coldplay and Radiohead. And now we're over 70 albums in! We’re thrilled you all have helped us thrive, and that we’re able to continue putting out new music regularly (keeping parents sane everywhere).


10th Anniversary Album

Birthday Party is a very special album. Not only is it a celebration of all the hard work our team has put into each album, but it also has something for everyone. Whether you’re a Daft Punk fan or Dee-lite addict, our 10th Anniversary album is sure to please the whole house. So take a look below to see what others have been saying, and don’t forget to purchase your own!




Enter Rockabye Baby!, a company that has turned popular songs over the years into lullabies you can use to take your newborn to dreamville...To celebrate its 10th year in the business, the company will release Birthday Party, with renditions of pop, disco, hip-hop rock tracks like Micheal Jackson’s “Rock With You,” “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang and The Black Eyed Peas’s “Let’s Get It Started”...The first single from the Oct. 14 release is “Hey Ya!,” one of the infectious songs from 2003 and Outkast’s Grammy-winning release, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. Infused with bells and a piano, the song takes on a new light.


The children’s lullaby remix you can stream below doesn’t have James Murphy’s sentimentalism or ambition. But Murphy isn’t this adorable. The children’s lullaby label Rockabye Baby recorded the redo for a compilation that will celebrate its tenth anniversary.


While LCD Soundsystem have yet to deliver the goods on the group's forthcoming comeback album, their fans can stop being crybabies about it and instead take solace in this lullaby version of their song "All My Friends."...The lullaby version of the track is built on plucky strings and gentle, soothing keyboards. It's sort of a cross between the Rugrats theme and the most precious moments of early 2000s IDM.


The latest release from the upcoming Birthday Party album is a lullaby rendition of LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends." The original version is a pretty upbeat track led mainly by piano. This new lullaby version is far more delicate, with the soft tone of a xylophone as it's leading instrument. Thanks to Rockabye Baby, LCD Soundsystem fans can listen to their favorite band without worrying about waking the baby.


Rockabye Baby — the LA-based company who puts out lullaby versions of popular songs — has been doing its thing for 10 years now, and they’re putting out a special Birthday Partycompilation to celebrate their birthday...Also included on the new compilation is a cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends,” which I am personally very excited to hear.

Read more mentions in Pitchfork and NME.


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