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Article: All Shook Up

all shook up

All Shook Up

I'm not going to lie to you, back-to-school time is a big blessing over here. Just three weeks without preschool unhinged all of us: no routine, no structure, no breaks. My three-year-old loves school and its absence threw her into a mini depression-I had a peak at what raising a moody teenage girl might be like and let me tell you, I need the next decade to rest up.


So it's with great joy that I've been prepping her school stuff, getting supplies for her cubbie, filling out copious amounts of paperwork, and am counting the days till drop-off. But one assignment got me all shook up: Because we live in Southern California, my daughter is required to have an "earthquake kit": an emergency backpack full of survival supplies in case a big one hits while she's at school. Along with a change of clothes and extra shoes, you have to include food and water, and a special stuffed animal or toy (well, it can't be that special since, hopefully, it will be packed away all year). Her school also recommends you pack family photos, identifying (by full name) the members, and a letter to be read to your child should something happen. 027297966222 Yikes. Thankfully, I wrote the letter last year when school started, so I didn't have to pen a new one. (Is that cheating? Am I already slacking on my preschool homework?) But just reading that letter is awful enough; it's a total buzz kill to my back-to-school revelry. The thought of a disaster happening and my not being there to help is horrible; like every parent, it shakes me to the core. I might never send her to school again. Except that I will, because I can deal with living on a fault line but not with an unhappy, uninspired three-year-old. School's in, the emergency backpack is on hand, and we are all having too much fun to worry about earthquakes. Calm your fears with a little help from the King with Rockabye Baby's Lullaby Renditions of Elvis Presley and remeber that somtimes "That's All Right" to feel "All Shook Up."

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