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Article: Alternative Uses for Rockabye Baby CDs

A Beautiful Mess

Alternative Uses for Rockabye Baby CDs

What’s your favorite way to use your Rockabye Baby CDs? Playing softly in the background during your little one’s naptime . . . to cool down a toddler tantrum . . . to rock your baby back to sleep at 3 a.m.?

alternativeuses-fb (3)

Sure, our CDs are great at coo’ing babies big and small to slumber, but there are many alternative uses for Rockabye Baby CDs​. Like…  

As a fan


As a coaster


For a doorstop

Door Stop

The possibilities are endless, really! What alternative uses do you have for your Rockabye Baby CDs? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you could see your pictures shared! And check out all our must-have 2014 releases that include more than just a CD! Surprises await inside beyond the many things you now know you can do with the CD.


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They make great wall art. Especially in a baby room!


My massage therapist actually uses them for her relaxation music.


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