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One of my favorite pastimes, especially when I am traveling, is visiting museums. Now with a baby in tow, I assumed this would no longer be the easiest or most pleasurable activity. How long can she go without crying? How long could she go without eating? Would I have to take a stroller? There are several baby- and kid-friendly museums in most big cities. Here are links to introduce you to some great ones in the States and abroad: • NYC Baby's Firsts London's Best Museums for Kids Guide to Kid-Friendly Museums in Los Angeles Visiting Paris With Kids Bay Area's 10 Must-See Museums for Kids  Do you have some great kid-friendly museums you recommend? Granted most of the museums on these lists weren't on my destination wish list pre-Little D. And when I was in San Francisco recently and saw that the "Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk" exhibit, was at the de Young - definitely not a kid's museum - I told D, "Whether you like it or not, you're going." Interestingly enough, my husband and I found the museum experience even more exciting with the little one compared to our visit to the de Young last year. (BTW, do check out Gaultier exhibit. It's awesome for all ages.)   

                           May 29, 2011                                                                        July 3, 2012

de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA

Bringing a baby added a real dose of adventure to the visit. Apart from the fact that it was incredibly fun being stealth about snapping pictures of D in front of various art to record her first museum visit, there was always a risk she was going to break out crying or make inappropriate noises (you know what I'm talking about) at any moment. Oh, the small thrills of parenthood. Really living on the wild side, right?

Just leave the stroller at home to avoid pissing people off at the more grown-up museums. Or, better yet, bring it.

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  • Baby D surely started early to check out museums! We have not seen De Young Museum ourselves!

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