Baby’s First Birthday (After) Party Playlist

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Today is  my daughter's birthday! Happy Birthday, Little D! babysfirstbdayWe're so grateful to Rockabye Baby for letting me, a first-time mommy, and, my partner in parenting, a daddy in training, share our journey with her. I have learned so, so, so much from documenting her different milestones here. We're throwing her a big birthday party tomorrow, with planning semi on par of our wedding and totally us: everything last minute, a little DIY and a little reckless spending (because there's no one talking mama out of online shopping at 2 AM). Little D may have no memory of the party, but as I mentioned earlier this week, honestly, it's not just about her: It's also commemorating our first year of parenthood-and we deserve a party. A funny hat party! We've made a Rockabye Baby Birthday (After) Party Playlist for her to take the edge off after what's sure to be a hectic weekend. If you read the titles closely, you'll see that it also reflects what this year has meant having this little Gemini -Year of the Dragon baby, now toddler, in our lives. Here's to you, Little D, and everyone whose life has been transformed by little spirits like you. Rockabye Baby Birthday (After) Party Playlist

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  • Hope you enjoy the playlist!

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  • WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for baby’s first

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