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Article: Baby Shower Gift of the Week: Car Seat Snuggle


Baby Shower Gift of the Week: Car Seat Snuggle

Front Brrr! Winter is upon us, and protecting a newborn baby from the elements can be challenging. It's no wonder this wacky but genius idea was created in the Windy City. What is it you ask? It's a car seat snuggle, of course! In frigid temperatures, the cozy fleece completely covers your car seat carrier, protecting baby from the howling winds, hail, sleet, or snow while you make a dash from the car. The designers thought of everything: there's access to the handle, a window to see baby, and vents for air flow. We found this item, designed by Babbaco., perusing the website of one of our favorite stores, Chicago's Psychobaby, which carries the best in cool kid gear. The Babbaco. snuggle comes in several colors and different styles, including a pink piggie, or a pretty paisley print.


Psychobaby is the best! love that store, although snuggies are a bit silly, i think.


What a great idea. Is it machine washable or at least easy to clean?

car dashboard covers

Thanks, Cait! Not so silly if you live in Chicago right about now… brrr

Rockabye Baby!

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