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Article: Baby Shower Gift Of The Week: Robeez

baby shower gift

Baby Shower Gift Of The Week: Robeez

Tired of tying shoes on a child that never seem to stay on? Or are your tired of Velcro shoes never staying put? Well perhaps Robeez are for you, the parent who's about to throw some tiny shoes through a window. Robeez shoes are intended to act like bare feet, by providing room to grow while giving support. And thanks to the elastic ankles, they won't fall off like other weightier shoes. The company makes shoes for kids up to age 4, each designed for certain stages of the child's life as well as different activities. For example, the Robeez Mini Shoez model is aimed at kids 3-18 months that are in the stages of kicking, crawling, and beginning to walk. They're also specifically designed for playing on the driveway, daycare, or special occasions. There's even an entire line of Green products in the company's Eco Collection. These shoes are made with water-soluble inks, organic cotton, and natural leather. Lastly, the shoes are hand washable and are quite durable overall, not to mention stylish. Check out the full line at

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