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Article: Baby Shower Gifts


Baby Shower Gifts

Be the hippest guest at your next baby shower with these cool gifts.

Baby may need to wait a little while to play with this Nursery Rhyme 28-Block Set, but Mom and Dad might not be able to. $41.50.

Help keep bathtime fun with the Sassy Happy Hippo Bath Shower Spray. $8.95

The recently released Rockabye Baby collection of Lullaby Renditions of Weezer will help Baby sleep, keeping her fussing only in dreams. $16.98. For a little variety, check out all the Rockabye Baby lullaby collections.

Nikki McClure's baby journal covers The First 1000 Days and features beautiful, detailed illustrations. $12.95


Keep the baby's tootsies warm with these felt baby clogs (assorted colors). $56.

The Treetop Friends Crib Bedding Collection from Skip*Hop provides all you need for "a touch of nature" in the nursery. $220 - Items also sold separately.

Love makes the world go ‘round...Moms will love these wind-up music boxes. $50.

This cube of light revives the classic magic lantern, casting images on the nursery walls. Many patterns available. $72.

Baby will be fashionably early in this Rockabye Baby short sleeve onesie. $28.98.

And of course, no newborn boy's nursery is complete without the Future Rock Star Pee-Pee TeePee. $11.99

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