Back-to-School Fashion: Trent Reznor vs. Kanye West

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I don't know about you, but one of the biggest chores for me as a parent is dressing my kid every day. I can barely pull off changing my clothes every day, and by barely, I really mean rarely. What helps me out immensely with dressing my daughter is embracing something that not all people are in favor of: a uniform. I went to private school and actually was relieved that I had a limited selection of clothing to choose from. You'd be amazed how creative you can be within limits... Choose one or two basic pieces that all else will be built around. It's back to school for most kids this week and that got me thinking about fun "uniforms" inspired by some of the artists Rockabye Baby covers. Then I came across this news item from Spin:

Trent Reznor on Kanye West: 'It Feels Like He Might Implode'

backtoschool-trentreznor kanye

That article led to my "back-to-school assignment:" Come up with kid-appropriate outfits using my all-time favorite uniform - black T-shirt and blue jeans! - that would have a Reznor edge and Kanye kick to make the day a little more rockin' with a great soundtrack to boot!

Are you on Team Trent?


Or Team Kanye?


How do you decide what your kid wears each day?

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P.S. Want to see the power of a uniform in action? You MUST check outthe incredible Uniform Project. One item of clothing really can make a difference!


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