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Article: Badass Dads and Why We Love Them

Badass dads

Badass Dads and Why We Love Them

We shared our good daddy stories on Tuesday, and today we’re going to continue sharing more dad stories on the blog . . .  but with a little twist. There are bad dads, but who wants one of those, right? So today we’re all about badass dads! Now, before we begin, we have to first establish that dads can be badasses in different ways. For instance, how Action Movie Kid’s dad turns his son’s everyday activities into exciting adventures is totally badass:

And some dads are badass in their willingness to compromise their interests to appease the interests of their kids:


And here are a few of our own Badass Dad stories:

lilchrisndad (2)

"My dad is still badass on a daily basis, but when we were kids he used his casino industry experience for all manner of real-life applications. When I was having trouble with the concept of probability in math class, Dad tutored me by teaching me how to play Blackjack. As an added bonus I also learned how to shuffle cards at a young age, and our Christmas tree was regularly adorned with voided red casino dice instead of popcorn on string. I think that's pretty badass." - Chrissy P. "My Dad, while an Ensign in the US Coast Guard and on a weather mission (?) in the Central Pacific during the Korean War, organized a fishing contest at sea. One of the contestants caught a large tiger shark and brought it up alongside the thin hull of the USS Finch, a reconditioned WWII destroyer escort (small, cheap). Due to the danger of bringing a live and very pissed-off shark onto the deck, my Dad, coolly unsnapping his holster and removing a service-issue .45, dispatched the hapless creature. His reward for this decisive act was reception of an admonition from the captain for risking the sinking of his boat by putting a hole through the aforementioned thin hull with the slug my Dad fired. Luckily, he missed the ship (he hit the shark)." - John Miller  


  "My dad is a badass for a lot of reasons: he fought in Vietnam, he’s been a professional actor his whole life, and he’s put up with me for 30 years. But one of the most badass things about him (and that he has been doing my whole life) is that he rides a motorcycle. And not just around town; he goes on epic road trips, always with my step-mom holding on tight behind him.  Even before I knew motorcycles were cool in general I thought my dad was the coolest, because no other dads at my elementary school had a motorcycle. My mom typically picked me up from school, but occasionally, my Dad would pick me up on his bike…and I felt like THE most badass (even though I wasn’t allowed to say that word) kid that had ever existed. I even had my own little helmet. And, of course, my Dad was always covered from head-to-toe, because riding safely is how you be truly badass." - Rockabye Grrl   


The Karaoke King Versus The Martini Kings

Why My Dad is the Baddest of Badasses by First-Time Mommy
  • Survived raising three daughters
  • Survived the L.A. riots
  • Survived two major brain injuries
  • Survived being held up at gunpoint, twice
  • And . . . in times of crisis, I’ve seen him rise to the occasion and lead, time and time again
  • Plus, he married my mom, which means he can take on anything!

Now it’s your turn! Share why you think the dads in your life are badasses in the comments below!


Good Baby, Bad Baby arrives June 24, 2014! Listen to snippets here!

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