Before They Were Rock Stars: blink-182

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Lullaby Renditions of blink-182 is FINALLY HERE!

availablenow I’d been campaigning for this release since 2011. It was a long, hard journey but we made it, everyone. We made it! To celebrate the release, let’s take a trip back in time with the men of blink-182, before they were rock stars. beforetheywere-fb   Tom Delonge
  • His first musical instrument was actually a trumpet: He used to wake up his parents with it.
  • Tom’s two friends bought him a guitar for Christmas in 6th grade. He described it as “a beat-up, sh*tty acoustic guitar that was worth about $30.”
  • Mark’s sister met Tom before Mark did. Waiting in line to use a payphone, she overheard Tom making a prank call for his own amusement.
Mark Hoppus
  • Mark likes his cereal dry.
  • When Mark first met Tom, he tried to impress him by climbing a lamppost outside of Tom’s house and proceeded to actually break both his ankles on the way down.
  • Mark originally wanted to be a high school English teacher.
Travis Barker
  • Before joining blink-182, Travis played in the band The Aquabats. Before that, he was a garbage man in Laguna Beach.
  • Animal from The Muppets inspired Travis to become a drummer.
  • He started tattooing himself at a young age so that music would be his only option as a career.

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