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My daughter, Little D, is a Gemini. I did everything I could to get her out so she wouldn't be one. Why? Because I love Geminis, but I don't know how to live with them. :) No offense to my friends forever, Anne and Anna, or to the rest of you Geminis out there. (Feel free to trash my sign.)

You see, with the exception of D, all the females in my pretty immediate family-my mom, my two sisters, my 5-year-old niece and me-are Capricorns. Yeah, watch out, when we're all ain't a pretty scene. Seriously, take Capricorn women in moderation.gemini On the other hand, the two guys in our family-my dad and my 14-year-old nephew-are Geminis. And they certainly are personalities to be reckoned with. Based on my experiences with them, you never know which side you'll be greeted with: Bruce Banner or the Hulk. (D's papa is Pisces, but we're leaving him out of this, because fishes mean no harm to anyone, right?) So, last year, when my bulging belly was still bulging with baby after May 20, and I had to surrender to the fact that my child was going to be a Gemini, I told my husband we'd better brace ourselves. And days later, out D came on May 24 (thanks to Dr. H), a restless, 10-pound busybody, full of energy, looking for action. In a word: wild. And now, 11 months later, we are constantly embracing this Pisces-Gemini-Capricorn family. Sure, this little Gemini girl of ours has been both friend and foe, angel and dragon, heartbreaker and love of our lives. But each day with this wild child is both scary and thrilling: a constant adventure for all of us, simply trying to figure sh*t out.  (Geminis' apparent #1 enemy is boredom.) D's daytime caregiver summed up perfectly what life with our little girl is like: "She's such a good baby, she never cries, she never long as you don't stick her in a crib." Yup, classic Gemini, doesn't like to be confined. And so it goes, I've had to happily accept both sides of her; after all, I always wanted to have "twins." All signs can certainly agree on one thing: a well-rested baby equals a happy baby. Make that a reality with these adult-friendly, baby-approved lullaby renditions of music by Gemini musicians!   027297965928 027297969223 027297961722

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  • To Lisa Roth, My wife was friends with you growing up. She talks about you often, wondering how your life has been. Ironically, and and purely accidentally, I just found out that you are responsible for Rockabye Baby. The funniest part of this is that I am a huge fan of these CDs, have been since the beginning, and have turned on many, many people to the cds. The world really is a small place. Anyway, Lisa if you are seeing this, Roxanne B. from Campfire Girls and John Muir says hi and is thrilled your life has turned out so nice. Take care.

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