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Article: Born to Be Wild Part II: The Ultimate Baby Shower Mix

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Born to Be Wild Part II: The Ultimate Baby Shower Mix

Want to rock out at your baby shower? Here are more of our top picks to make a killer party playlist. Or if you just need a thoughtful baby shower gift (besides Rockabye Baby! lullaby CDs, of course!) a personalized mix CD is always in fashion. Want to see more of our playlist picks? Don't miss Part I in our series on music to liven up your shower.
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag Part 1 - James Brown There is no kind of party James Brown can't start. Now get up off that thing.

Baby - Os Mutantes Because psychedelic Brazilian pop belongs on every list.

Baby, Let's Play House - Elvis Presley We don't need to explain this one, right? Just look at him with little Lisa Marie. Awww...

Love Child - Diana Ross & The Supremes We could play it safe and pick "Baby Love." That's a great song, for sure, and everybody knows it. But the bittersweet grandeur of this saga of a girl born out-of-wedlock (to our younger readers--that was scandalous in the 60s) can't be topped. Or why not play both?

You Don't Have to be a Baby to Cry - Claudine Longet The only reason we're not advocating the classic Ernest Tubb version is because he doesn't have a breathy French accent.

Little Sister - Elvis Presley More Elvis, more often.

Rock Your Baby - Wanda Jackson Wanda is the coolest rockabilly chick of all time and in the rock & roll hall of fame to boot. Rock your baby, and don't be slow!
Tell Mama - Etta James Don't let Etta anywhere near your man, ladies. Baby shower material? Why not? Tell 'em Rockabye Baby! said so.

Beat on the Brat - The Ramones Warning: this might horrify your mother-in-law, unless she used to hang out at CBGBs. If you don't think your friends and family will know you are only KIDDING, try their awesome version of Phil Spector's "Baby, I Love You."

Papa Don't Preach - Madonna Madonna and child. A classic.


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[…] Don’t miss Part 2 in this series for more of our playlist […]

Born to Be Wild: The Ultimate Baby Shower Mix | Rockabye Baby!

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