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Article: Caption This

caption this

Caption This

We have a lot of drawings of the Rockabye Bear. We wish we could use each and every one of them (because look at that face!) but, in an effort to prevent a cuteness overload, we keep it to a minimum. However, we're still going to sneak a few extras in here and there with our new "Caption This" series. We supply the drawing and you supply the perfect caption for the Rockabye Bear. So without further delay:


What's our caption?

"Bear in a bear suit? C'mon!"

Add your caption in a comment below by June 24, 8:00 PM PT and you could win any Rockabye Baby CD of your choice!

Need a little caption-creating inspiration? Try out any of these lullaby CDs to get your creative juices flowing:

027297961722 027297960428 027297969827


Pand-aura! ;)

Shana and zeke

….i thought it was halloween.


“Is it Halloween yet?”

Kelly D.

Rockabye Bear has gone Vegetarian!


Utter panda-monium!

Allison Evans

Rockabye Bear doing his impression of Sexual Harassment Panda from South Park.


As you are
As you were
As I want you to be.

- Nirvana “Come As You Are”

Nathan Smith

“I wasn’t expecting all these other panda bears to be so big!”

Brian M

" damn it feels good to be a panda!"

Karie mullassery

It’s pure Pandamonium!!


…I couldn’t find my monkey suit :/

Jessica marbry

It’s Panda-monium!!


“My girlfriend told me I had to become a Vegan.”

Brian M

Everything is classier in black and white, right?

Emily V

It’s day 7 and the other pandas have accepted me into their habitat. Their living quarters are much nicer than my last one.


Double the bear, double the fun!


I am cute, I am fluffy, and I want to be your friend

Jennifer Ferguson

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