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Article: Chris Ballew To Release Kids Album Including Guest Krist Novoselic

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Chris Ballew To Release Kids Album Including Guest Krist Novoselic

Casper Babypants Here I Am

Chris Ballew is a name that most wouldn't be able to identify immediately, unless you saw this video. Yes, it's the singer/bassist from the Presidents of the United States of America, and yes that song will be in your head all day now. For some time now, Ballew has been recording and performing kids music under the moniker Caspar Babypants. His third album in 24 months, This Is Fun!, will be released this November and will feature vocals by Ballew's son and a plethora of other guests, including Charlie Hope and Elizabeth Mitchell. Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic also joined the group for one track on the album, a cover of the classic grunge track "Sliver."

To hear a new track title "Happy Heart" and for more information on shows and older material, check out

Check out this video of his song "$9.99":

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Thanks so much for posting this item about Chris Ballew, a.k.a Caspar Babypants. Would you like to post the cover art for the upcoming album, THIS IS FUN!? I’d be happy to send along a jpeg image.
All my best,

Ellizabeth Waldman Frazier

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