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CLOSED! Congrats to our winners Julie A. and Megan G.! Hey Rockabye fans, Today, we want to hear about your kids. Actually, we want you to brag about your kids, because we know how much you love them, especially when they get enough zzzzs! For today's giveaway, simply complete this sentence:

My baby is cute because _____________.

Tell us in the comments below by 8 pm PT tonight and 2 of you will be randomly selected to win a print of Why Babies Rule!  and your choice of a Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions CD to share with your cutie!


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  • My baby is cute because he is easy to please. Just stick on metal band The Sword, and he will happily sit transfixed to the record player for thr whole album!

    Sarah on
  • My baby is cute because she’s starting to develop a little personality – sweet, loves to laugh, and has just a hint of sassiness (she gets that from me for sure :)

    Jennifer Gregory on
  • My baby is cute because he can’t live without music! He always sings, he brings his iDoll with him every where!

    And he is sooooo cute when he pulls my shirt up to see his little brother in my belly and kisses him/me on my belly button! :)

    Jessica Phipps on
  • My baby is cute because even when he’s sick he’ll spare a smile. He also plays a toy piano and headbangs to it.

    Julie A. on
  • My baby is cute because he loves to play and flirt with the ladies! He plays coy and will break out in the biggest smile or soundless laugh you have ever seen. He will chat you up (in baby jibber-jabber, of course!) and if you really get him going he will blow raspberries.

    Julianna on

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