Daddy and Daughter Day Out

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"Does your wife know the two of you are here, or did you tell her you were at the park?" -Yvonne Craig, Batgirl, Batman TV series daddydaughterYes, my almost 15-month old daughter, Little D, and I met Batgirl recently and that's the first thing she asked me. Now before you ask yourself, "What kind of trouble is this dad getting himself into?" Let me explain. A few weeks ago my friend James asked if D and I would be interested in joining him and his 5-month-old daughter, Mila, for a Sunday afternoon outing, preferably before football season started. James is also an archaeologist and daddy-in-training like me. I was happy to join, but where to? A famous archaeological site? A museum, perhaps?  Or maybe a traditional Native American powwow? No, we needed to up the ante, and go somewhere we could be brave and adventurous. We decided to take our little girls to the Los Angles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention. On the day of the event, D and I decided to get there early (her idea, by the way).

My outfit

Fedora, vintage Western shirt over a Star Wars T-shirt, jeans, Chuck Taylor's, "murse" (man purse)


D's outfit

Spider-Man T-shirt, jeans with rolled cuffs (Mommy's idea, by the way), cowhide-patterned sneakers that light up when she walks


After checking out the scene of hundreds of fans - including parents with kids my daughter's age, some dressed as their (parents') favorite characters - and even being asked by an actress from a Star Trek episode, "How much for your daughter?" we finally met up with James and Mila.

James' outfit

Boba Fett T-shirt, jeans, sneakers

Mila's outfit

Non-hero onesie, shoeless

This was our first Daddy-Daughter Double Date. (Is that a thing?) We walked around and hung out for maybe a couple hours. We checked out a bunch of art...for long-term investments for our daughters, of course. Plus, we couldn't browse through actual comics because the girls didn't have the patience to let us - or they just wanted to grab them. But getting back to our Batgirl encounter, and the question she posed to me:

"Does your wife know the two of you are here,

or did you tell her you were at the park?"

I said to her, "Yes, my wife knows we are here... and my daughter really would love your autograph." To help unwind after all your daddy-daughter adventures, Daddy-in-Training suggests a little MJ, especially for fedora-wearing parents.


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