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Article: Diamond Dave's Day


Diamond Dave's Day

David Lee Roth, legendary frontman of the rock band Van Halen, celebrates his 57th birthday today. (Happy Birthday to the rest of our October babies out there as well!) "Jump" up and join Rockabye Baby in wishing DLR a very happy birthday by listening to our lullaby rendition of one of Van Halen's greatest anthems below.

Happy Birthday, Diamond Dave!

Leave your birthday greetings for the rocker below!

Want to hear more of our lullaby renditions of Van Halen's biggest hits? Check out:

Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Van Halen

Available at our Online StoreiTunes and Amazon

And make sure to check out last year's video of David Lee Roth and his sister, Lisa Roth, the label VP and executive producer of Rockabye Baby!


Keep kicking, man. Hope to see you perform live someday.


Rock on, Dave!


You are and always will be a rock-n-roll legend, Dave. Never quit doing what you do brother!Happy Birthday.

Cha Cha

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