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Article: DIY Homemade Guitar

air guitar

DIY Homemade Guitar

Did you know April is International Guitar Month? Well, now you do! In honor and celebration of one of our favorite instruments, we've created our very own homemade DIY guitar for you and your little rockers to jam with. So put down the air guitars and get them on their way to becoming real guitar heroes. What You'll Need: 1 mailing box or shoebox 1 mailing or paper towel tube (we used an 11 x 2-inch tube) 6 rubber bands (cut in half) 18 solid brass fasteners coffee cup Optional:  Construction paper Instructions: 1. Trace a large circle on the top of your box with a large coffee cup, rim down (this circle can be a little off center as we have below) and cut out the circle 2. Trace the circumference of the mailing or paper towel tube on the side of your box (about center) and cut out the circle. 3. About 1 inch down from the top of the box, above the mailing tube hole you just cut out, make 6 slits. 4. Repeat step 3 on the opposite side of the box. 5. Decorate your box and mailing tube, making sure not to cover the holes and slits! 6. After decorating the mailing tube, make three slits on each side about ¾ an inch apart. Insert brass fasteners in each slit about halfway. Open inside the tube to secure. 7. Insert tube into hole on side of box. 8. Open a brass fastener and wedge the end of a rubber band near the head. Repeat with 5 more fasteners. 9. Insert each fastener through slits made on one side of your box. 10. Repeat step 9 with remaining rubber band ends and insert fasteners into the opposite side's slits. 11. Rock out!








Be sure to check out our other DIY instruments including our Rainstick and Tubular Bells!

Since jamming can be so exhausting, we've rounded up these crucial rock star rejuvenation albums just for your little rioters:    

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